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      We’re hoping you’ll consider supporting the good work Rensselaer Environmental Coalition does by donating or sharing with others who’d like to help.

      Contact Your Representatives

      Governor Kathy Hochul

      The Honorable Kathy Hochul
      NYS State Capitol Building
      Albany, New York 12224
      Email Governor Hochul

      NYS DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos

      Commissioner Basil Seggos
      New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
      625 Broadway
      Albany, New York 12233

      Assemblyman John T. McDonald

      Assemblyman John T. McDonald III
      LOB 417
      Albany, New York 12248

      NYS DEC Regional Director Tony Luisi

      Tony Luisi, Director Region 4
      New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
      625 Broadway
      Albany, New York 12233

      Senator Neil D. Breslin

      Senator Neil D. Breslin
      Capitol Building 430C
      Albany, New York 12247

      NYS DOH Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker MD

      Dr. Howard Zucker MD, JD, LLM
      Commissioner, New York State Department of Health
      Corning Tower Building
      Albany, New York 12237

      Writing to Elected Officials

      Tell DEC and Governor Hochul that the Dunn Landfill does not belong in a heavily populated area next to a public school.

      Some impacts of this landfill:

      This huge 99 -acre industrial operation is right next to a large school district campus housing over 1,100 students and hundreds of teachers and other school staff.

      Up to 100 long-haul tractor trailer trucks from seven states travel each weekday over our highways to dump their loads in Rensselaer.

      These trucks roar through residential neighborhoods in the city of Rensselaer from 6:40 am to late afternoon, disturbing the peace, spewing diesel exhaust and tying up traffic.

      Foul-smelling hydrogen sulfide gas assaults the nostrils of residents, schoolchildren and school staff.

      All of these issues create health hazards and negatively impact quality of life for the people of Rensselaer and neighboring East Greenbush.

      Significant levels of PFAS chemicals have been found in the landfill leachate. Millions of gallons of this leachate is discharged untreated each year into the Hudson River, potentially affecting the seven communities downstream from Albany that draw their drinking water from the river.

      The permit for the dump is scheduled to be renewed in 2022 and has the capacity to continue operating through 2036 or beyond. The people of Rensselaer and East Greenbush are tired of having their lives disrupted by the dump. They deserve better. The dump should be closed and remediated.

      Sign Dunn Dump Petition

        Dear Governor Kathy Hochul and DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos:

        We, the undersigned call on you both to immediately shut down the Waste Connections Dunn Construction & Demolition (C&D) waste dump in Rensselaer, NY. It is located 200 feet from a pre-existing PreK-12th grade school, athletic fields, and close to many neighborhoods. Up to 100 massive tractor trailer trucks also roar through the city of Rensselaer each day. Therefore, this dump is a health and environmental hazard to thousands of children and families, and a serious quality of life issue. We urge you to shut down the Dunn Dump and require the company to fully clean up the school, homes and the dump, and to reject any proposed expansion.

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        Submit A Complaint

        Complaints can be about odors, dust, trucks, diesel fuel smell, noise, traffic problems, trash, illness etc. can be sent to us. All complaints are collectively put together and sent directly to the Environmental Conservation.

        Submit A Complaint

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