On September 17, 2018 an article in the Albany Times Union titled “ State Police crack down on trucks bound for Rensselaer Dump” by Brian Nearing detailed results of the State Police pulling over 36 of the trucks bound for the Dunn Landfill and issued 170 citations for the 36 trucks that were pulled over. 29 of the citations were for overweight trucks.

This incredible statistic seems to have been left hanging out there with no follow up by anyone who has responsibility.

Up to 100 trucks a day are going to the landfill and the sample in this article should give anyone a clue that most trucks are going across bridges, highways, local streets and bridges to the dump do not meet safety guidelines and are likely over weight limits.

Does DEC ever ask for more stops? Shouldn’t this be done on a regular basis? Are reports to the Dunn or from Dunn to DEC ever report an overweight truck? Does the Dunn ever reject a truck? Is the town not getting its proper fees from the Dunn because the weight reports are not accurate? Is the Dunn making more money by not accurately reporting the weights? Are the bridges, highways, local roads and bridges undergoing unacceptable stress. Are the trucks endangering the public because they are overloaded and operating in an unsafe condition?

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