Hello from Northern New Hampshire! We are in the midst of a fight vs a garbage corporation, Casella Waste systems, as they seek to create a new landfill on up to 1900 acres of land adjacent to Forest Lake and Forest Lake State Park. (2000 ft from the water)

We, too, are very concerned about the nuisance and health hazards to our community posed by this irresponsible landfill development. Up to 100 tractor trailers are expected to roll thru one of our communities, depending on preferred route.

We would welcome sharing information and news relative to your fight, and offer mutual assistance and support.

We are on facebook, Save Forest Lake, and have a website, www.SaveForestlake.com

Do you have video of the tractor trailers rolling thru town? We would love to share them…we have a youtube page as well.

Good Luck!

Jon Swan, Founder